Sep 5, 2013

Destination ME

Our friend Hallie, from the Princess and the Pump, has made a declaration of ME time. You can read about it here and join in for some ME time. Our lives are SO consumed by diabetes. We are so worried about carb counting, insulin bolusing, site changes, insurance coverage, Dr. appointments...the list goes on and on that we hardly take time for ourselves.

I have joined Hallie and some other wonderful people in her Destination ME challenge. You can read about my challenges here as I am posting in my other blog: Captain Jackson's Hemophilia Adventures. This week I have decided to start running again...well I walked more than I ran today. BUT I found ME time! It doesn't have to be physical. You can find ME time reading a book, learning to knit, painting...what ever. The goal is to find time for YOU. I found an hour today but I may only find 30 mins tomorrow. I have already thought of other things I want to do to find me time. I want to paint a canvas for our newly remodeled bathroom. I want to read some books. I want to go shopping for some cute fall BLUE shoes. I want to learn to knit...but that requires patience...and I'm not there yet! I'm thinking ahead of finding ways to find time for me and in doing so I know I'll feel better about myself. I'll be a better mom...not so on the edge.

So I encourage you to join Destination ME!! You can join via Hallie's blog page, you can comment below or comment on our FB page. We would love to know what you are planning for your ME time as we would like to cheer you on!!

Good luck and Happy Me time!