Feb 28, 2014

Blue Heel Society Fan Of The Week Kerry Shannon Rasinski

Thanks to the generosity of the Developers of our BHS Fan Of The Week (FOTW) Application, we have a full working version of their Top Fan Application that allows us to showcase our Bluetiful peeps, based on computer magic (Randomness) & multiple interaction factors on our Facebook Page.

This weeks Fan of the Week (FOTW) is Kerry Shannon Rasinski, and we asked Ms. Rasinski to answer a few questions as to learn a little more about her.

BHS: Connection w/ diabetes?
KSR: My son, Lucas, is 13 yrs old and was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when he was 5 yrs old.

BHS: General geographic location?
KSR: I live in Aurora, Illinois.

BHS: What blue shoe (Heel, sneaker, riding shoe, etc.) suits you & Why?
KSR: I wear a Blue "Sneaker" because I'm always on the go. 

BHS: What does advocacy mean to you?
KSR: To me, advocacy means getting out there and standing up for your rights and educating people about Type 1 Diabetes. I try to educate at least one person about Type 1 Diabetes everyday. 

BHS: Words of wisdom/encouraging statement/general statement about diabetes?
KSR: You have to take Type 1 Diabetes one day at a time. Managing Type 1 Diabetes is not a Science...it's an Art! I can change in a second...

Congrats to Ms. Rasinski, and as always a big ole thank you to all of YOU for being a bluetiful part of our Family.