Dec 30, 2014

Blue Heel Society in 2014

I canNOT believe that we are just a day away from 2015!! This past year has flown by. We've been a little quieter this year than in years past but each of us (Diane, Tony, Thomas and myself) have been fighting the good fight right along with you. This year Blue Heel Society turned 4 years old!! We launched our eMag on Flipboard and have tried to keep you up to date on all things diabetes related in news, sports, healthcare, insurance, new gadgets, blog posts and all kinds of interesting topics. You can always flip back through the eMag to see what you've missed!

On a personal level, our Co-Founders, Diane and Tony, celebrated their 1 year wedding anniversary AND are contributors to Suite D by Omnipod, Ask Tony and Diane, video segments. I love watching these segments to get their dual perspectives of being both a T1D and being parents of  T1D kids.

Thomas had a rough go with some skin cancer and managed to kick it's ass and thus celebrated an "all clear" test result. He is slowly getting into the swing of things again as he recovers and re-energizes as he sifts through the mounds of diabetes resources to bring you some awesome content to read. Oh!! And he and his Favorite Diabetic welcomed another grandchild to the Moore family just last month!

As for myself, I took on a more active role at our local diabetes non-profit doing what I love to do, Outreach! I was able to meet Tom Brobson, the Artificial Pancreas clinical participant (you may have seen the JDRF video that shows Tom eating an ice cream sundae and his blood sugars are completely flat lined!) and hold the AP in my hand!! I also traveled to Washington DC this year and met past JDRF CEO, Jeffrey Brewer.

So, what does BHS have in store for you in 2015?! I'm not sure! For me, I'm helping to plan a big Type Once Nation Summit in Cincinnati, Ohio, March if you are in the area come check us out! We have Moira McCarthy Stanford, Derek Rapp, Sean Busby, Sierra Sandison (Miss Idaho) and Mackenzie Bart (Miss Ohio) all coming into town to speak about T1D and I'm SO excited and of course will be blogging all about this!!

We would like to thank each of YOU for following us, reading our stories, liking our posts and thinking of us anytime you come across a pair of blue shoes!! You have always been supportive of all we do and we love you for it!! Let's celebrate 2014 (good or bad) and strap on some blue heels (or shoes) and strut ourselves into 2015!! We've never looked so fabulous!