Nov 28, 2011

Do you have to ride "side saddle" in high heels?

Oh, lambs!! We have done it now! Grab your Choos...and watch us make a little history. Our first ever TourdeCure!! New England is proudly welcoming our Society in for a leisurely bike excursion and we want YOU there....We have supplied you with the link....sign up! Let's get our "bike" on in FABULOUS shoes.....and do it for our loved ones!!

Thanks for all of the love....Right back to you....and your blue awesomeness!

Nov 27, 2011

BLUE Steps...

With each BLUE shoe we see love.

With each BLUE shoe we see our dreams coming true.

With each BLUE shoe we feel our community coming closer.

With each BLUE shoe the outside world sees we mean business.

With each BLUE shoe another low blood sugar is treated.

With each BLUE shoe another high is bolused.

With each BLUE shoe another child is diagnosed.

With each BLUE shoe another life is lost.

BLUE shoes represent all of us. Type 1 or 2. Children and adults. But those living, loving and dealing with Diabetes.

With each BLUE shoe we take another BLUE step towards awareness, support, and a world where those we loved are NOT judged for living with this disease.

I take a step in my BLUE that YOU can move forward too.

Who will you wear BLUE shoes for?

Nov 23, 2011

Nov 21, 2011

If the shoe fits.....

Shoe shopping is exhausting. How much do they cost? It takes time to find the right style. Do they have your size?  How does it fit? How does it look from the side?  How practical is this heel?

It's a lot like work. They are both four letter words and cause a cramp in your day if you have the wrong ones.

That is what makes this organization so unique. It's the dream shoe. IT. FITS. ALL. OF. YOU. That one perfect compliment to every outfit.

This isn't your grandmother's "Society"...and I am sure your uncle had an affiliation with a "Society" once too....THIS is the NEW BLUE MOVEMENT.....Our campaign is about changing that perception. We are making people TALK about Diabetes in a whole new way. It makes no matter your "type" just as it makes no matter what "type" of shoe you wear....(just make it blue).

We are going to talk about Diabetes. All of it....the good and the bad. And we are talking "types" too. This isn't a blog designed to choose teams. We are Team BLUE! And we are on a mission.

Nov 18, 2011

Where did you get those Blue Heels??

Hi Dollfaces.  Sitting tonight, thinking of how quickly this little idea blossomed into something I can wholeheartedly endorse. Today, I was out, and realized how much I found myself looking at peoples'...footwear. Not that I didn't do that already, but today was different. I was looking for blue shoes. How brash! I honestly chuckled out loud and shook my head, and snapped back into silly of me to think that this "little" ambassadorship had gone viral into mainstream Target-land...and there in the aisle between the swiffer pads and the toiletries.....I would find a little blue swarm of hands* in* the* air , blue-heel clad D peeps waving and calling me over...oh, yes, my mind went there...(hence the giggle). No, there were no blue shoe wearing advocates in Target today, or at the gas station.....and I made peace with that. For today. Because not seeing those shoes gave me a gift. I realize that for the first a long time....I believe in myself. I believe that I found the right people, the right passion,  and the right reason.....not getting all sappy on ya... but, I believe that if you are reading this, and you are...cause we are WHERE IT IS AT....then you too, looked for someone in those shoes.... Something so simple, yet identifiable as DARE I SAY IT?? Not. yet. ;) We are all looking for that connection. We all want to know we are not alone. What would I have done if I had seen someone in some killer Stuart Weitzman blue mules? I would most assuredly...without a doubt....cried. Then coveted their footwear. Don't act like yall don't know me!!  We'll touch on this more.....another night...when I can see through my contacts....tonight, I can only see blue. We are all in the same little shoe store together, friends, looking for the right fit. Let's pass the love around. Size 7, please!!

On another note, Supah D mama, and co founder of The Blue Heel Society, my dahlin' Lexi will be walking TALL tomorrow at the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes. Wishing that every step she takes fills her heart with joy and pride and that she knows how much love and support the Society, proper, is sending to her. ROCK that walk, gurl.

Don't forget to email us...or tag one of us on Facebook!!  Look up the right....a little more....THERE! Click that link and like our page! Tweet much?? Follow us on Twitter!  Tag us in your photos of you sporting your best BLUE KICKS! Have a great weekend Lambs, we'll chat soon!  Smooches~DWOWW

Nov 17, 2011

Watch where you step!

Ahh, the love from the Diabetic Online Community is so overwhelming....we cannot explain how wonderful and welcoming it is to have so many of our friends and family RALLY to support such a noble cause so close to home. It warms our hearts and "soles" to see the list of support grow each hour!

We want to say to you, our life's blood, to be careful in your heels out there!! By all means, grab your BLUE Sunday best...if you can. We, in no way, are excluding those who may not be into the is our thing, should it not be yours...grab your best BLUE shoe...and "sock" it to us. Keep checking back as we continue to grow our Society here with advocacy and awareness in style! Smooches, lambs.

Nov 14, 2011

On the eve of World Diabetes Day, 2011...a movement was born. A simple but so powerful statement made by persons living with and affected by the different Types of  Diabetes. On this night, we....birthed the Blue Heel Society. Our mission? To spread advocacy and promote awareness about all Types of  Diabetes by identifying ourselves in killer footwear. Our tag line? Type 1? Type 2? Whatever your "type" you can ROCK a blue shoe.

It's very straight forward, dolls. You need not offer any money nor raise funds. We don't want your money. We want your passion. Our organization is in it's infancy and already planning to do "shoe-ins" to raise awareness....all you need are blue shoes. Man or woman. Come show love and support for all of our kids...our husbands, our parents....yourself. Be part of the change today. Keep checking back. We have you covered coast to coast in the States. We want you to wear your blue...with pride. Thank you for being part of it.