May 15, 2014

#DBlogWeek Day 4: Mantras and More

We have a few mantras that get us through the hard times. They are nothing special and I'm sure many of you use them too.

My girls like to use: Stay Strong.

It's simple. Easy. To the point.

In fact, Evelyn usually signs off on her blog, the diabetes monster, ~ Stay Strong.

She loves that mantra so much she has it tattooed on her back shoulder blade.

It works for her. It helps her through the tough times.

The other mantra is: Just keep swimming.

My other daughter, Nora, likes this one.

And isn't it true. Don't we all...just keep swimming?

Especially when it comes to diabetes. When blood sugars are wonky, your tired, everything just seems so just keep swimming.

We sometimes throw in a "it is what it is". Just to mix it up a bit. That hold true as well. You take the day you're given, good BG's, bad BG's and in the end: it is what it is.

These mantras may sound cliche and at face value they are. But when you put meaning behind them and who is behind that meaning is when they become special.

May 14, 2014

#DBlogWeek day 3: What Brings Me Down

Ugh...I try not to get myself in that hole but I'll do it for the sake of blogging.

What brings me down is my 13 year old struggling.

Struggling to be a "normal" 13 year old.

Wanting to go be wild and carefree but has to bring her ball and chain (pump and supplies) with her everywhere she goes.

Seeing how she gets down on herself because she is different.

Looking in her eyes and knowing that she is scared. Scared of what diabetes can do.

Knowing that she is wise beyond her years.

Having to deal with shit that no 13 year old should have to deal with.

Coming to terms that no matter how much I blog, advocate and submerge myself in the D world...I have NO idea what it's like.

Hugging her tight when she is crying that diabetes sucks and she hates it and doesn't want to deal with it anymore.

Watching her sacked out on the couch because her BG is high, she has ketones and her body is tired.

Suffering from high blood sugars but not wanting to wake me at 5am because she wants me to sleep.

You know me...I can't end on a downer.

What lifts me up is:

Her smile.

Her laughter.

Her "thank you" after I treat her low at 3am.

Her kindness.

Her soft heart for others.

Her friendship to others newly diagnosed.

Her tenacity to NEVER GIVE UP!

Her willingness to let me nag her when needed and even when it isn't needed.

Her hugs.

Her love.

May 12, 2014

Change the World #DBlogWeek Day 1

Let’s kick off Diabetes Blog Week by talking about the diabetes causes and issues that really get us fired up. Are you passionate about 504 plans and school safety? Do diabetes misconceptions irk you? Do you fight for CGM coverage for Medicare patients, SDP funding, or test strip accuracy? Do you work hard at creating diabetes connections and bringing support? Whether or not you “formally” advocate for any cause, share the issues that are important to you. 

All of the above really fires me up. I know we've blogged about all those issues here at Blue Heel Society over the years. It seems as if my Diabetes journey goes through seasons; as in any journey. Before this year we've never needed a 504 in place for our daughter, Nora. I know some of you just gasped as you read that. But we have been lucky enough that every school Nora has been enrolled in has treated her as their own and have bent over backwards in every aspect of her care. It wasn't until this year that we had a plan put into place for her on paper. It really isn't a legal's more of an IEP but I was ready to go in with guns blaring and the staff and teachers couldn't have been more supportive.

We deal with misconceptions daily. This is something, I feel, will need to be done for as long as there is diabetes. Just with any chronic illness or any diagnosis it's up to you to set the record straight and dispel those misconceptions or educate about your health. 

I've fought for CGM coverage and won. I like to believe that I have my own phone line at the insurance company (think Bat phone) and they know when I'm calling I'm fired up, they have screwed up and they will fix/cover the item needed. Okay...maybe I've watched too much Batman growing up or I'm sleep deprived but it's my blog entry so a girl can dream! :)

I've gone to local government and talked about the importance of the SDP. I've advocated for #stripsafely. You name it...we've done it or blogged it or both. My favorite thing to do though is make those diabetes connections. If it's connecting newly diagnosed people to established families in their area, sending supplies to those in a tight spot, reaching out and letting someone know they aren't alone is something I enjoy doing. As much as I hate to hear about a new diagnosis I feel the need to get them connected. I may be a little over zealous but it's just that passion shining through. 

Blue Heel Society owns many shoes...that are ready to be worn and tackle any diabetes need!