Oct 15, 2014

I'm not done...

Hey all! I know we've been a little quite lately. That doesn't mean that diabetes has gone away (I wish!) or that we have forgotten about you...our blue-tiful peeps. It just means we've been busy living. We are still out and about in our communities...advocating for diabetes. I thought I had done a good job; advocating that is, at least to close friends and family, until something was said this past weekend.

Nora, my 8th grader, the one who was diagnosed at 4 years old. That means we've had NINE live-a-versaries. NINE. We aren't newbies by any means. I've been as vocal about diabetes from day one...there just weren't blogs or facebook back then. I've been an active member of the diabetes community. I've recruited walkers and riders and raise money for diabetes research.

Just laying some background...

This past weekend was Nora's school basketball team's last home game of the season. We had lots of celebration. Big pictures of the girls hanging on the gym wall with their jersey numbers displayed just beneath. Parents and 8th grade girls were introduced by name; Mom's were given roses. Pictures were taken. It was a bitter sweet moment.

Talk on the bench for the past week has been about one of our players and her injury. We were going up against a team that has been our nemesis for years now. They are good, tall and BIG. A couple of the girls on the team look more like football players than basketball players and I'm serious. They make some of the Dad's look like little people. This team used to intimidate our girls but since a lot of them play select basketball year round they have all come to know and respect each other. So a week ago our girls are playing this team Our girl and their girl go for a loose ball. They both dive for the ball and unfortunately our girl was on the receiving end of a 6 foot 230lb 8th grader. Bones were snapped and our girl left on a stretcher called in by 911 and 5 broken bones. She is out for the rest of the season. It was awful. It was a total accident.

Within a few days of the accident tales were being told that this particular girl was responsible for at least breaking bones of 4 other girls between this season and last season. Again, NOT her fault. But then parents became enraged saying that the boys football team has weight restrictions and maybe that should carry over to ALL sports. I happen to know this girl struggles with self confidence and feels bad about herself. Imagine how she would feel if there was a weight restriction rule. But that's my two sense. On with my point...so the night of our last home game a mom starts talking about how much this girl weighs and she thought there should be a weight restriction. The person I'm sitting with turns and looks at me and said that maybe I should talk to her about diabetes. My mouth hung to the floor as I yelled out...that has NOTHING to do with diabetes!!! They went on to say they knew but the damage was already done.

Dammit...isn't this what I do day in and day out?! Especially someone who KNOWS and yet they still said this stupid comment. I've never felt more hurt and defeated. I haven't done my job well enough. I haven't educated the difference between Type 1 and 2 and how sometimes weight and diet have NOTHING to do with Type 2. That skinny, fit people have Type 2. That if you took one look at that 8th grade girls parents you would see how tall and big they BOTH are. That it's genetics. That this 8th grade girl is active year round. I know. I see her playing against my skinny daughter who has Type 1. She isn't sitting around eating bags of chips while watching TV.

There is a lot in this post to be upset at. There is a lot of judgement going around. I've sat on this since Sunday and it's just been stewing inside me. If there is ONE thing you get from reading this it should be this...BIG people DON'T always have Type 2. Think about it....if that were the case EVERY big person would be Type 2 and we all know that isn't true.

Clearly my job is NOT done...I will keep on advocating not only for my daughter but for 8th grade girls that are 6 foot and weigh 230. I will advocate on the stereotypes of BOTH Types. Help me. Help me break down the stereotypes of both types. In fact I challenge you. For the month of November take the opportunity to educate ONE person on Type 2...especially if Type 1 lives in your house. Conversely, if Type 2 lives in your house take the opportunity to educate ONE person on Type 1. Let's break down these walls. Let's get rid of assumptions and stereotypes and .... TYPES.  Let's do this.

8th grade night