Dec 29, 2011

This Is Caleb, In Blue Shoes?!

We are soooo honored that today one of the most amazing D- bloggers, D moms and all around Diabetes advocate Lorraine of This Is Caleb, has so graciously blogged about BHS!

If you don't know Lorraine here's a brief description, that doesn't do her fabulousness much justice..

Lorraine is the mom of three children. Her second child, Caleb, has been living with type 1 diabetes since the age of three. Lorraine and Caleb both write about their experiences at "This is Caleb..." in the hope of creating awareness, providing support and sharing information.

Please go check out her post, say hi, and definitely follow her blog!

Thanks Lorraine, you are Bluetiful!

Dec 19, 2011

Wanna walk in our shoes?? One size fits all....

Feeling rather full of joy and happiness at BHS Headquarters these days....we are feverishly finalizing our February 4th meetup in Boston and working on our Coast to Coast take over with our next meet up in.....VEGAS, baby!! That's how we roll.....

We decided tonight...collectively....that we really want to hear how you, our REASON for being here, walk the walk.

So, here is our deal....stop us if you've tried this one on....

We are offering a guest blog

You, our friend, our ally, our family.

You will be treated to a one on one phone interview with BHS co founder "Guess WHO??" and given carte blanch to tell your story,  share your photos,  plug your job,  advertise your blog, everything.....

Here is how to do it.....

We are starting NOW....the 850th "LIKE" on our Facebook page found here gets our first spot....then, we will continue to promote your stories every 50th "LIKE"!

Spread the the love....

Wear the shoes.

Dec 18, 2011

We Took A Trip Today....

That's right!

Today we have the absolute pleasure of being featured over at My Diabetic Heart.

For those of you who have never met Mike Durbin before let me tell he is one of a kind.

A truly amazing, strong, and outspoken advocate for all of the Diabetes Community.

Mike was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes on December 29, 2008, and congestive heart failure the very next day. Talk about a double whammy for anyone, let alone a 24 year old. Mike is very open about his fight with type 2 diabetes and CHF, and welcomes any opportunity to share his story. He blogs about it at My Diabetic Heart. Mike firmly believes that there is no shame in having diabetes or CHF, and hopes that by sharing his story, he will inspire others to fight on, and live their life to the fullest.

Thank you Mike for supporting The Blue Heel Society, and for your constant hard work in our community!
Now go march your Blue shoes over there and see what Mike has to say!

Dec 15, 2011

Equal Opportunity (Blue!) Shoes......

One my favorite things about The Blue Heel Society, is that much like Diabetes, we do not discriminate.

Diabetes knows no gender, no race, no social status, no age or religion.

Everyone is fair game for this disease.

Whether it be a 24 month old bubbly little boy, a moody teenager, or an overbearing 87 year old Granny.

Diabetes can, does and will affect all people from all walks of life.

Diabetes also comes in numerous forms.

Type 1, Type 2, LADA (1.5), Mody, Gestational and I'm sure right now a researcher has discovered another one.

While all the above are different in cause and even management, the culprit IS the same.

So should be our united front.

Regardless of what Type of diabetes you or your loved one has, we are in this together.

To spread awareness, to advocate for one another, and yes to find a cure!

Before we can bust myths and set the record straight with the media and "outside" world, we first need to do that within our community.

No judgement, no blame game, no types against types.

Just understanding, love, compassion, and UNITY.

For me personally, I rock a Blue shoe for everyone with Diabetes, and my life IS affected by more than just one type.

As many of you know my son is type 1, my grandmother is LADA , and my husband and father are type 2.
I am an equal opportunity shoe wearer and buyer!

So the next time you slip on your Blue shoes, or go look for a new pair, remember with each Blue step we take, we are making moves not just for that one person with Diabetes, but for ALL....

Rock on loves, rock on!

Never know what's in that "Shoe box"....

This was in my inbox tonight.....from a real person.....with a real desire to see a change in the way people who live with diabetes are treated. It was part of a composition paper....and I am putting it here...because it touched me this much. Love, Diane

"The mission of the Blue Heel Society is to advocate, raise awareness, encourage and support those living with diabetes, caring for someone with diabetes and those interested in learning about diabetes. These goals are accomplished through "fueling our crusade with the strength, dedication, and passion of our partners." (Blue Heel Society, 2011) The Blue Heel Society carries out their mission to "deliver a clear and united voice" through assemblies and gatherings both local and national to help "dispel myths, offer education and to champion the needs of people affected by diabetes." (Blue Heel Society, 2011)

An amulet is "a small object worn to ward of evil, harm, or illness or to bring good fortune." ( Unabridged 2011) For me and my family, that is exactly what the Blue Heel Society is. By donning my blue heels or my blue converse sneakers, I am uniting myself with hundreds of others who share the same passion I do. The passion to advocate. The good fortune I receive from this groups is the support and encouragement I need to advocate not only for my children but for all those who are affected by diabetes.

One of the most wonderful aspects of the Blue Heel Society is the fact that anyone can join the cause. It is as simple as putting on your favorite pair of fabulous, blue shoes. It doesn't cost any money, it doesn't require much time, all it asks is for your passion. It is amazingly simple but extremely rewarding. Simply visit their website, click the "like" button, put on you favorite pair of blue shoes and let the advocacy begin!"

That is why I talk about diabetes. THIS. It is a real disease....with real consequences. And when a person can find a way to have a real affect and evoke real change....well, you join them. And put on a Blue Shoe.

Dec 13, 2011

It's our *Birthday*...who's the "shoe" guy??

What a fabulous BLUE month it has been.  BLUE analogies.  BLUE posts.  BLUE tweets. BLUE SHOES!!

This morning, our impromptu "one month" birthday celebration occurred with much fanfare.  We were delighted with retweets, links posted to our social networking sights, mentions about our blog, and, of course, YOU, the backbone of the Blue Heel Society all standing there *clicking* your heels.

With over 740 members in four short weeks, we are humbled that an idea formed on the eve on WDD resonated and struct a cord with so many people, for all the right reasons.  "

"A blue shoe for every foot!!"  We say....

We kid.  You can have them both. ;)

We are earmarking our birthday by welcoming our friend Thomas Moore to our ever expanding Society.

Thomas brings vast experience in the area of social media marketing and so much more.....Thomas is well known in the DOC and has 17 plus years dealing with the ins and outs of Diabetes.......please take a moment to welcome him with the same love and respect as you have so graciously extended we intend to expound upon his duties in the coming weeks.

You can personally welcome him at

It is hard to contain the excitement and enthusiasm from just bubbling over when people like Thomas and YOU continue to encourage growth and development in such a monumental way.  It was suggested that Mr. Moore acquire himself some Blue knee high "KISS" rocker boots.

We concur.

Looking ahead, the Blue Heel Society will be a flurry of activity.  We will be positing about our scheduled meet ups, our "Shoe Ins", contests, and so much more....all while continuing to raise awareness of diabetes as a disease.

With class and dignity.

In style.

Natch, lambs.

Dec 11, 2011

Big Blue Steps

Under normal circumstances,  we tend to post generically on the blog, but for tonight I will to post as me, Diane, because I want to talk about my first true experience as an advocate.  I had the pleasure on Saturday to attend a diabetes charity spin-a-thon at Gold's Gym in Burlington, NC.

Did I mention this is my first time officially doing this, if not I will probably mention this again.

How does one dress for a spin class, exactly?  Skinny jeans, wool blazer, pink Blue Heel Society shirt, and blue stilettos.  Natch.  In truth, I DID pack yoga pants and sneakers, but was secretly grateful I didn't have to be seen in public in them.

We arrived at the gym in time to meet Katie-Rose Darby, the manager of fundraising and special events coordinator for the ADA in Raleigh, NC.  Minutes into our conversation, I warmed up to her personally and professionally.  She is passionate about her job and fundraising, while at the same time being personable, approachable, and ridiculously adorable.  Felt like I made a friend and an ally, all in the same person.

Throughout the morning the class was peppered with people donating their money and spending their time spinning for a cause near and dear to my heart.  I got to personally thank them for their efforts.  On a microphone.  With a southern accent.  To people that had a southern accent.

And it still freaked me out. Did I mention this was my first public speaking "gig"??

Tony Cervati was the "celebrity" motivational speaker....and my friends, he is just that. Motivating. Moving. Brutally honest, sincere, and grateful. Impressed would be an understatement for what I felt watching him interact with these amazing people.

Despite my outwardly vocal position on social networking sites, public speaking isn't something that I engage in or feel comfortable with.  However, it was important to go out and say thank you on behalf of my son, and for everyone who has posted a picture of a blue shoe.  Everyone who has stuck a finger.  Everyone who has left a comment...

I wasn't looking to go out there and promote the Blue Heel Society, so much as I was there to thank them on behalf of all of you... the members of BHS.

I wanted to tell them my story.  Once I started, I began to get teary, as I quickly realized that they all had their own stories too.  Just like mine.  Yet different.

Just like diabetes.

I just wanted to hug all their necks.

The two women who road all 4 hours.  The woman from Elon college.  The people who volunteered to be the ride leaders.  The pharmaceutical rep, Rick, and his wife, Heidi, for sharing their personal stories and supporting all the attendees.  Michelle, the Gold's Gym employee who brought her children to work there as volunteers as she oversaw the entire event.

Half way through the ride, a very spirited blond "Belle" made her presence known in the facility, and commented on my 5" blue heels.  We exchanged banter about how blue shoes go with everything.  I said sheepishly that I have a specific reason for wearing blue heels.  She took the bait and asked me what it was. She permitted me to give the thumbnail of just what the Blue Heel Society was, who I was, and why I was there.

After mingling for 30 minutes or more with the people coming in and out, and the employees, she came over and handed me her business card.  Turns out she is the co owner of this facility.  I thanked Ms. Pat for letting the ADA use her gym for a diabetes related function.

She had on red heels that day, but I would imagine the next time I see her she will be wearing blue ones.

Point of this blog... and I do have one... is that even if you don't know it, diabetes is everywhere.

Dec 9, 2011

Put These On For a Second....

Come with me, and see the world through Blue Colored Glasses.
Just imagine if you will...
You pass the bakery, all the donuts in the window are glazed in an eye catching Blue.
You go to the park. All the kids are riding their  bikes, and you notice they have Blue circle stickers all over them.
You're dropping your parents off at the airport. As you approach the jetway, you notice all the planes are sporting Blue circles on their wings.
At the local bar with some friends - the commericals about diabetes are correct. People of all ages are shown. All types of D. The truth was spoken.
You get to your daughter's school for assembly - all the girls are showing off their Blue hair in honor of Diabetes awareness month.
You have a meeting at church tonight - collecting strips and insulin for those in need. No one will go without.
Your son's birthday is tomorrow - at the buffet, there's carb counts for every single item. Scales, & measuring cups at every table.
Can you see it? A world where Diabetes gets noticed for what it IS.
Not what people think it IS.
Where we are accomodated as we should be, things are easier because the world is taking notice.
Where we don't feel uncomfortable or singled out, but are, instead, welcomed and understood.
These are just some of the things I see when I put on my Blue glasses.
Truth. Support. Awareness. Advocacy.
All dressed in BLUE.
Tell us what you see in your BLUE world.

Dec 8, 2011

The Clog Blog? Imma stiletto gal!

Funny thing about shoe shopping. You can find a million shoes you the store...but it is often difficult to find the "right" one....for you. Bring a trusted friend....Opinions count.

Case in  point....Clogs.

I see clogs everywhere....omg....Nursing clogs, Croc clogs, wooden ones, well, on a paint can....once, moving is the "must have" in comfort. I put them on...blech. HATED them. WHY must I desire the shoe that makes me walk like a deer on ice? Wouldn't a simple ballet flat suffice? No. It just isn't me.

No particular style of management in your Diabetes care can be mass produced either. Regardless of your diagnosis "type"...YOU have to find the "style" that works best for you. Don't be afraid to try it on to actually SEE if it fits. Find your support system and ask "Does this "Clog" work...for me?

Dec 4, 2011

Those heels can't run, if you are Blue....

It is her calling. She holds that heel in her hand.
It is her passion. She smiles, knowing more than is far from just a shoe.
It is the sound of the heart that broke at the utterance of that word: Diabetes. Her heart.
It is the winds that blows her through it.... On the days when her heart was too heavy to rise.
God only knows how....she carefully navigates that life sentence. No judge, no jury, no pleas.

She doesn't run. She can't.
Warrior women stand....they stay.

She collects her thoughts.
She has begun. She listens, heals, conquers.

Her love. Her fight. Her family. Her spirit. Her journey.

Warrior women. Mommies. Sisters. Lovers. Wives. Family.

We are standing. We choose. We stay. We fight. We wear our Blue Heels for you.

*this is for you.

The D mama at 3 am...again. For yourself, unfaltering. For that wife who watches the battle from her pillow....
for the sisters, both literal and in spirit. YOU don't run. YOU are BLUE.

Diabetes Comes In All Kinds of Shoes.....

When it comes to Diabetes, there's enough to go around.

From babies to the elderly, from supermodels to the farmers, from the poor to the insanely rich, this disease does not discriminate.

Type 1, 1.5, 2, Gestational, Monogenic.  All forms of a disease that affect our loved ones organs, emotional well being, and every aspect of their lives.

There are no breaks. Ever. Every moment of the day is crucial to Diabetes management, from a sip of that ice cold lemonade to walking the mall for 2 hours in search of a fierce Blue Heel.

When you sleep, we are up checking  blood sugars, changing sites, giving juice to raise that low or insulin to bring down that high.

Christmas, Birthday, Holy Communions, Weddings, you name it. It is there.
The tricky thing is YOU can't see it.

But it is there.

When you're not looking a blood sugar is being obtained through a finger stick, a site changed in a public bathroom, glucose tabs stuffed down throats looking like a kid just eating is all there.

It can't be put aside, shrugged off, or put on hold until later.

Hence our Blue Heel.

Shoes from the outside, look amazing. Glamourous, attractive, sparkly.  You want to have them as yours and feel that sense of pride wearing them, like the person across from you.

What you don't see is the pain, discomfort and royal (BLUE) pain in the a** they are.

Like Diabetes.

You see our kids and loved ones smiling, playing, bickering with siblings, working 12 hour shifts, dancing, cooking, raising babies, running business, but you can't see the internal turmoil that this disease can cause.

We are saying.... INVISIBLE NO MORE.

We will be seen.

In our Blue Heels (shoes, clogs, kicks, if you prefer), showing support for all those who live day in and day out with Diabetes.

We won't take our shoes off, because they can't stop having Diabetes.

And yes even cute stinky footsies get the Beetes.....

Do these shoes make my heart look big??

It occurs to us that many of you are out and about on the hunt for the elusive

Who are you shopping with?
What are you telling them?
Are you making it a family affair?
Mother-daughter time?
Girls? Are you taking your special loved one with you? for your lady friends?

You see...that is the beauty of the Blue Heel is an all encompassing campaign. You need not do anything except show love for someone who lives with diabetes. get some fabulous blue kicks out of it.....

Tell us your did you and your husband/girlfriend/child/sister/bestie find the perfect blue shoe??

The point all along is to share something unique and special with someone you love. That is what we get to do every day....with you. <3

Dec 3, 2011

Which Shoe....drives you??

So, we are all super excited to have set a date for our first official meet up. Plans are being laid for having some phenomenal guest speakers as well as meeting all of YOU! It actually puts a twinkle in our step as we are overwhelmed with the outpouring of support and love you have shown us. It is rather humbling to be in the company of powerhouses  like yourselves. We will never be able to articulate just what it means...but we will certainly try...and pay it forward.

Let us know if you will be in Boston, Saturday, February 4, 2012. We will announce our venue in an upcoming post and will announce our fabulous guests!

Tonight, we were all chatting about inspiration...and you are certainly ours.

WHO, we wonder, inspires you? Do you read a certain blog? Follow a D peep faithfully on Twitter or FaceBook? Do you participate in DSMA? We would LOVE to hear about the people who totally read your mind, and say your words!

Email us at and tell us who you love and we will feature you and them in our blog each month. Free advocacy the RIGHT way....

Keep those fabulous shoe photos coming, dolls!

Dec 2, 2011

Our First BHS Inaugural Gala...

‎"Meet up" is now in the planning stages for our Inaugural Blue Heel Society gala and lambs, we have set a date!

Saturday, February 4, 2012 in Boston Massachusetts.

We have all the delicious details in the works, and will be posting them directly when we secure our location!


Stay tuned!!!

Dec 1, 2011

I love her...heart...and sole.

Just want to share some thoughts about the woman in the blue heel.

You love her. She is your wife, the mother of your child, your "sister", your friend, your equal.

She walks the halls at night, every night. Meter in hand, testing the tiny hand.
She walks the halls of the office, earning her way.
She walks the schools, the stores, the yard...the mile.

She is the person who you rely on. She is your best friend. She is a mother. She is a fighter. She is a lover. She is a victim of this disease too. She is beautiful from the inside out.

When she slips that blue heel onto that tender foot, look into her eyes and remind yourself how wonderful that woman really is....because she is DEMANDING that her love for her family is above all. She is showing you her love for you. She is fighting for you. For her child. For herself.

She is elite.

Wordless Wednesday- Lifesaving Blue Heels