Jul 31, 2014

Meet Lizmari M. Collazo

Lizmari  will be providing Articles for time to time for our eMagazine. To get to know her a little better, we asked her to tell us a little bit about her:

BHS: Please tell us your connection with diabetes?

LC: I have type 2 diabetes, and most of my family has it, including my husband and my brother. My father passed away from type 2 diabetes complications.          
BHS: What general geographic location do you reside?

LC: Northern Midwest -- Central Iowa.          
BHS: What blue shoe (Heel, sneaker, riding shoe, etc.) suits you & Why?

LC:  I love blue sandals/Summer shoes, because I'm an island girl. Born and raised in Puerto Rico.        

BHS: What does advocacy mean to you?

LC: Advocacy to me is that moment when we decide that the pain of remaining quiet is greater than the pain of speaking out -- when it doesn't matter what the world will think of us for standing up for our lives and our truth. Advocacy is  standing up and taking action for change -- when we'd rather not rock the boat. But advocacy is also when we quietly help those we've never met  because their journey is our own.
BHS: Words of wisdom/encouraging statement/general statement about diabetes?

LC: "Diabetes is a journey in self awareness, self validation, and the realization that  yes, I am a breathing, thinking part of this universe, and my actions will impact my fate."

Liz will be gracing us for the NEW 'Type 2 Tuesday Feature article in our eMagazing. 

Lizmari M. Collazo is a person living with type 2 diabetes. She was diagnosed in 2009, after a couple of years of escalating symptoms, and the loss of her professional job in Human Resources. WIN_20131210_200439 - Copy
Sobered by the reality of her diagnosis, and her late father’s battle with the disease, she immediately took to the internet to learn as much as she could about the condition. Today, she is a much healthier person, and dedicates her time to help advocate and educate about this disease. She is a Stanford University’s Medicine X ePatient Scholar (a community of patients, along with medicine professionals and innovators, who convene every year to discuss the future of healthcare and technology), and she administrates a Facebook group called “Living with Diabetes.” You can read her various musings at her personal blog, The Angry Type 2 Diabetic.


Jul 29, 2014

NEW eMagazine Features

The Blue Heel Society recently introduced our NEW eMagazine , and some of the things we promised in the eMag is original Content, Special Features, and Guest Commentary. We have recently started to wrap those up into a bundle of blueness.

We have recruited Guest contributors from around the Diabetes Online Community (DOC), and along with this original Content, we will be hosting Guest commentary based on this NEW Weekly Special Feature calendar:

Monday - 'Misconception Monday'
Tuesday - 'Type 2 Tuesday'
Wednesday - 'Wordless Wednesday'
Thursday - 'Throwback Thursday (Diabetes History/Trivia)'.
Friday - 'Fan Of The Week (FOTW) Friday'  where we feature our most recent FOTW 
We will be featuring the new Contributors in a Blog post in the upcoming weeks, and original Content based on the above Schedule. We hope you are excited as we are, and stay tuned for these Feature articles coming in the next couple of Weeks. 

If you have any ideas and suggestions for the above schedule please send us an EMAIL.