May 15, 2015

Foods on Friday

In our house I try not to ban any type of food. Since diabetes entered our lives in 2005 I have never wanted food to become a battle. It's just not worth the fight or the worry that they would sneak the banned food. There are some foods that love to mess with blood sugar numbers and for those we do a trial and error of pre-bolusing 15-20 minutes before eating and square wave bolus. We try to eliminate or lessen the impact of the rapid post meal blood sugar spike. Most of the time, no matter how hard I try, we don't succeed. So we try again the next time. Then for kicks and giggles, just when we think we may have it figured out, we don't. The key is being open to trying. Now that my girls are old enough they have banned certain foods because they don't like how their blood sugar spikes and how they feel after having a Pop Tart. To them it's not worth it. Sure, they may have an occasional one but in the end they remember why they stopped eating them.

It works for us and you have to find what works for you. I try to treat them as normal teenager/young adults who are always starving and just happen to have T1D along for the ride. Let them eat!

Food flow by pisadeviant